What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is performance based marketing. It’s an opportunity for advertisers to expand their marketing efforts, gain new customers and increase sales, while only paying for conversions. Publishers get an opportunity to monetize their website by earning commissions for promoting an advertiser.

For publishers:

If you have a website/newsletter/blog, you can partner with our advertisers to promote their ad campaigns to earn either a percent of sale or a referral bounty.

For advertisers:

A consumer clicks on your ad, makes a purchase or qualified action, and you only have to give commissions to the publisher for qualified conversions.

The role of the network:

The SmartResponse Affiliate Network bridges relationships between advertisers and publishers. The network provides the following for advertisers and publishers:


Access to publisher relationships

Advanced tracking and reporting

Quick and easy ways to upload ad campaigns

A platform to market their affiliate program to potential publishers

Control over relationships

An easy way to get new customers, increase sales & traffic, and generate new leads

A low risk marketing channel where advertisers only pay for conversions


Fast & reliable payments (regardless of when the advertiser pays)

Access to advertiser relationships

Top brand marketers' ad campaigns

Advanced tracking and reporting

Quick and easy ways to get new ad campaigns

A user friendly platform to manage relationships

Access to tools created to optimize ad campaigns

A chance to earn bonuses & incentives

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