Cost per Click (CPC)

Ensure traffic to your website

With this type of campaign, the advertiser gets an opportunity to get traffic to a chosen web page and only pay if there are registered clicks on the creative parts of the campaign.

Price per click varies depending on the campaign message and shape.
We offer CPC campaigns where leads are generated by:

  • Surveys
  • Through our affiliate network
  • In-house mailing lists
  • External mailing lists

Campaign example

Sopexa has in cooperation with SmartResponse developed a branding campaign for Rivesalte wine based on a CPC price point.

Campaign traffic has been generated through segmented 1-to-1 mails, microsite for separate competition collecting email addresses and text links through various mailing lists in the SmartResponse network.

1-to-1 mails:

Landing page/ microsite where email permission is gathered:


  • Creative material (1-to-1 mails, microsite and text) is created and hosted by SmartResponse
  • Collection of emails for campaign purposes is done by SmartResponse
  • Leads are uploaded to Sopexa’s databaseduring the campaign period

Who runs CPC campaigns with SmartResponse?

A consumer loan company chooses
to support an active CPA campaign
(point of price per loan application)
with a click agreement

Sopexa develops a click campaign
around 1to1-mails,
text based e-mails & a microsite to
collect leads

BRFkredit buys traffic to their
online competitions, where they
generate TM-leads

To increase traffic
Danish TV provider runs a
click campaign promoting satellite-TV
on top of a CPO campaign

Selected Advertisers

  • Bonnier Publications
  • Arla
  • Peugeot
  • Canal Digital
  • TDC
  • Yves Rocher
  • BT
  • Vattenfall
  • Fiat
  • Telenor
  • Volkswagen
  • OK
  • Viasat
  • Norwegian