How do I get the commissions I earned from the SmartResponse network?
We pay our partners 30 days net, so the earnings you made in June will be paid out in the beginning of August.

What happens if the advertiser does not pay SmartResponse?
SmartResponse is the only network in the industry that GUARANTEES your payment. If we don't receive payment from our advertisers as a result of bankruptcy or for any other reason, our publishers will ALWAYS receive the vested amount. SmartResponse publishers also receive the earned commission of net 30 days regardless of when the advertiser pays SmartResponse.

What is a publisher?
A publisher (also known as an affiliate or partner) is the owner of a website, newsletter, blog, SEM specialist etc. who wants to earn commissions from their digital product.

How do I become a publisher?
Send your application through the "Become a Publisher" link and your application will be handled personally by one of our Country Managers.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?
Your application will be reviewed by a country manager and it should take no longer than 24 hours.

Who owns SmartResponse?
50% of SmartResponse is privately owned by the founders and the other 50% is owned by JP/Politiken, one of the largest media groups in Scandinavia.

Why can’t I see any creatives on a specific campaign?
Some campaigns have specific terms that require your acceptance before you can access those images.

Which countries do SmartResponse run campaigns in?
We have campaigns in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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